Robert Doyle

Robert Doyle
General Manager, East Bay Regional Park District

Smoke and Fire and Pandemic, Oh My!

Adapting parks to meet the public's 21st century demands for social equity and Healthy Parks Healthy People in a time of wildfires and pandemic.

The East Bay Regional Park District is the largest park agency in the US with 73 parks on over 100,000 acres of wildland-urban interface in the highly urbanized East San Francisco Bay Region serving over 2.5 million East Bay residents with 25 million visits per year. This presentation will discuss the adaptations made by the EBRPD in a time of a global pandemic as an essential service to meet 21st Century needs, including planning for an increasingly diverse user base, and continual compounding challenges of climate change, COVID-19, and wildfire management demands.

Robert E. Doyle is a 45+ year veteran of the parks and natural resources field, who began his service as a ranger and on-call fire fighter, and is now General Manager of the East Bay Regional Park District, the largest regional park system in the U.S. with 1,000 employees hosting 25 million visits per year at its 73 parks on over 125,000 acres in an urban interface setting. Among others, Doyle received the prestigious 2018 American Academy for Parks and Recreation Administration Pugsley Award, 2019 California Special Districts Association General Manager of the Year, 2020 California Association of Recreation and Park Districts Outstanding General Manager, 2020 American Planning Association Planning Pioneer Award of Excellence. Mr. Doyle is a member of the IUCN Urban Parks Committee, the North American Chapter of World Urban Parks, and a Board member of City Parks Alliance.

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